Swimming Lessons all year round! The child becomes familiar with the water environment, especially the young and scared children. The lessons take place in a warm enclosed pool area, the water temperature being +/- 33 C.

Baby Swim Lessons

6 months – 36 months
A parent-child group approach that develops swimming ability in a gentle, fun-filled and directed manner.

Teaching your baby basic survival skills and how to swim according to the child’s own pace of development and individual personality.

Parents will become more aware of children around water, while lessons are a super bonding time for both parent and child.


Individual Swim Lessons​

Learn to Swim lessons are on an individual basis catering for children of all levels, from beginner to advanced.
Lessons are adapted to each child.
Teachers are friendly, dedicated and experienced.
Children are taught all four strokes, diving, and tumble turns.

Team Swim

A programme developed to cater for groups of 6 children instructed by a qualified teacher from outside the pool
, equipping children for school swimming and galas.
Fitness levels are maintained and stroke correction is improved.


Advanced Team

Swimmers take their swimming training up a notch. They swim for an hour working on technique,
stamina and speed to prep them for competitive swimming.

Adult Classes​

Adults are taken from a non-swimmer to feeling comfortable in the water.

We work on breathing control, floating, being able to balance in water, going under water and lastly, when confident, getting to swim across the pool, then slowly introducing strokes – all while having FUN.


“Wonderful, confidence boosting lessons.”

"I want to Thank Kendall for taking her time to teach this adult class. I only had my second class this past Saturday and I have already progressed so much. From being afraid of the water and a complete and utter nervous wreck, to now being able to swim. She has so much patience and really made this experience so comfortable for me. I have had so many failed attempts at learning how to swim but now I am confident in the water and look forward to our Saturday classes."
A Happy Adult swimmer

Our Fees

September 2023 to August 2024

Annual registration fee: R160.00 (pro-rata from when you begin)


Group Lessons

Deposit R640.00
R640.00 per month

Learn to Swim

Individual lessons

Deposit R770.00
R770.00 per month


Advanced lessons

Deposit R680.00
R680.00 per month

Advanced Team

Advanced lessons

Deposit R770.00
R770.00 per month

Adult Individual Lessons

Available on enquiry (females only)

Deposit R770.00
R770.00 per month

Teaching Times:​

Learn to Swim + Babies

Monday – Friday: 11h00 to 17h00

Saturday: 07h30 to 13h00

Team Swimming

Monday – Thursday: 17h00 to 18h30

*The Swim School is closed on Public Holidays. 

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